Weekly Writing Challenge: Through the Door

I try to find inspiration in all kinds of experiences–fun, exciting, scary, frustrating, even the challenging aspects of life.  Well, here’s one that’s got me thinking.

A fellow WordPress blogger has a creative writing challenge for us. Just reading the highlights of the challenge has thrust me back into my childhood, where life was challenging and difficult at times as well as simple and innocent. I believed the best and dreamt the biggest. I dreamed vivid details, loved the noisy-ness of life and basked in the quiet times. (I think I just found an idea for my next post).  This is causing my creative juices to flow.

Door Knob2

Come on, take the challenge with me.  Even if you aren’t sure what to write about, write something. Get it done. You can always edit and rewrite. Just step up to the challenge.

Click the link below…walk through the door and see what happens.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Through the Door.