Done is Better than Perfect

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If you’re like me, you have a lot of things you want to do and so many great ideas to act on. If you’re also like me, you struggle to ‘finish’ these great ideas because you strive for perfection. You always have the need to ‘tweak this’ or find a ‘better way’ to say that…it’s a freaking revolving door of revisions, rewrites and redo’s.

Well, starting my blog was no exception.

I know we just met but I have a confession to make–I’m an information junkie, point blank. I love learning new things and trying out new stuff, even to my detriment sometimes. I read and research, think about things, plan and study, research and read some more, which defers my starting anything, let alone finishing those things I start. Some may say that I’m doing my due diligence by investigating things before I partake of them but in actuality, I think I subconsciously use it as a stall tactic (confession #2). I don’t like failing–but what I hate even more is not knowing what I’m doing (#3). Now once I’ve learned something, I’ve got it! And then I compound what I’ve learned over time and work it like nobody’s business (which explains why I’ve thrived in so many different jobs…don’t judge me:-) but it’s the ‘not knowing what I’m doing, lost and vulnerable feeling’ that I don’t like. So, when faced with a new venture, I’m a little nervous and hesitant because I don’t wanna mess it up or start off on the wrong foot.

created via frame ur life

You may be saying, ‘the best thing to do is just jump in’…while that may be true in theory, it’s not true for me. I’m the type to put my big toe in first, just to check the temperature of the water and then, when I see that it’s safe, I jump in, making huge splash. I’ll be the woman hanging back, in a room full of people, watching how they interact and communicate before I mingle…but when I get out there, I work my magic on that room and no one will forget me. When I start a new job, I study my duties and ask for one-on-one training before I hit the sales floor…but once I’m out there, I impress people with my skills and I’m consistently one of the top sellers. So, of course, I’ve done the same thing with starting my blog. I did all of my pre-ritual research before I actually wrote this because I wanted it to be perfect or at least, right.  Now, after mulling over all of the ideas, watching videos, reading articles, taking notes on how to be a blogger, blah, blah, blah, I’ve finally completed my first blog. And now that it’s done, I have confidence in my future posts.

I don’t know what you think…you may like it or you may not be impressed. Either way, I’m just happy to say that I did it.

Who Wuda Thunk? that ‘Done is Better than Perfect?’

What say you?


2 thoughts on “Done is Better than Perfect

  1. Done is definitely better than perfect! It’s good to make sure the water is safe before jumping in, but sometimes I think it’s good to just jump right in….I call that stepping out in faith.

    • Absolutely Erica. I totally agree. Stepping out in faith is key to everything, even though I get in my own way wanting to know too much. Lol. Thanks for reading and supporting.

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